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DSG Servicing & Why It’s Important

Genesis Autoworks & West End Service Centre as Brisbane's & Australia's leading authoritative DSG experts, are here to explain why servicing your DSG Gearbox is imperative to its operation, performance, reliability & service life.

The DSG gearbox is a marvellous feat of engineering originating from Porsche in the 1980's and has since originated into a mass produced, efficient and quick shifting gearbox option for performance cars and mainstream models.

DSG Gearbox Specialist Brisbane

The DSG is essentially a electronically controlled dual clutch multiple shaft automatic gearbox in various layouts.

Some more extensively designed then others, all meeting the same operating principles - to provide a seamless shifty experience similar to a manual gearbox with very little to no delay.

The DSG gearbox uses a multiple plate clutch to ensure the next subgear is already selected based on various inputs and outputs from wheel speed sensors, engine speed sensors, Throttle pedal input, learned driver behaviour etc. As such there are multiple variables and shifts can happen within milliseconds, so much so that regular servicing and maintenance is imperative.

DSG Mechatronics Repair Brisbane

Wet clutch gearboxes for examples, mix gearbox oil that lubricates the gearbox bearings, synchros and shafts with the clutch packs. This means various friction material created by normal operation of the gearbox mixes with oil and ultimately gets trapped by the oil filter, these need regular changing to prevent excessive buildup potentially damaging the Mechatronic unit.

It is recommended to service your DSG every 60,000s/4 years as a general rule of thumb, with some manufactures recommending less or more, however we believe oil is cheap, gearboxes are not so we recommend the earlier interval.

DSG Specialist Brisbane

It's imperative your DSG gearbox is serviced and repaired by a DSG specialist in their field as special precautions must be taken to ensure its serviceability and longevity aswell as special tools and equipment required.

So why not visit Genesis Autoworks West End & West End Service Centre - Brisbane's leading DSG Service & Repair Specialist.


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