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Volkswagen DSG Clutch Packs Explained

Ever wondered why your DSG Gearbox has clutch packs? But why? Isn’t my DSG Gearboc automatic? Why does it have clutches and why do I need to replace them?

We’ll allow Genesis Autoworks West End - Brisbane’s leading DSG Service & Repair experts explain in detail what DSG clutch packs are, how the DSG clutch packs fail and what you can do to prevent DSG Clutches from failing.

DSG Clutch Replacement Brisbane

Your wet clutch gearbox (DSG) requires DSG oil to lubricate and cool the internal components of the DSG Gearbox such as the DSG clutch packs, Mechatronics unit and all internally lubricated bearings and seals. This is why regular DSG servicing is very important - the oil is designed to do all the above jobs while keeping the clutches wearing at the most optimal level, degraded and dirty oil simply cannot do this.

DSG oil should be a golden colour with a possible slightly dark tinge brown when draining for a service, this indicates the oil has done its job to filter some particles from your DSG clutch pack. If it is really dark brown, black or any other colour then mentioned, you’ve got a serious problem, best to take it to a DSG specialist such a Genesis Autoworks West End / West End Service Centre.

Audi DSG clutch pack

Some DSG clutch packs - are non serviceable and when they fail, will require replacement clutch pack assemblies - this can be further discussed with you during your visit to Brisbane’s Leading DSG Specialist Centre - West End Service Centre.

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